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Use the map and table below to find a chapter near you. Click on a pin to pull up additional details for that chapter or scroll down to see a listing of active chapters.

Use the map below to find a chapter near you. Click on a pin to pull up additional details for that chapter.

Chapter Name City Chapter State Chapter President Phone Email Regional Commander Region
Defenders Delaware DE Roger Young 302-358-9291 delawaredefenders@gmail.com Jonathan E. Slowey Atlantic
Gladiators NYC New York Damion DiGrazia 917-326-0893 contact@gladiators.nyc Jonathan E. Slowey Atlantic
Rhinos Philadelphia PA Jojo McCarvill acwrhinos@gmail.com Jonathan E. Slowey Atlantic
Steel Legion Pittsburgh PA Malcolm MacEoghainn syrmalcolm@gmail.com Jonathan E. Slowey Atlantic
Tidewater Dogs of War Hampton Roads VA Brian Callis 757-646-5228 Tidewaterdogsofwar@gmail.com Jonathan E. Slowey Atlantic
Wild Geese Washington D.C. Jason H. Anders (361) 8774381 demollesley@gmail.com Jonathan E. Slowey Atlantic
Nordik Québec Canada yan cadorette 4189306977 cado1977@hotmail.com Phillipe Mongrain Canada/France
WAKINYAN ACW FRANCE PAYS D'OC Cathare De Sarlat 07 82 13 69 35 mosaistedesarlat@outlook.fr Phillipe Mongrain Canada/France
Bison Wichita KS Ted Vlamis 3163081703 Twvlamis@gmail.com Anthony Fredericks Great Plains
Honey Badgers Omaha Nebraska Jeremiah Johnson 4024032649 damianw2002@gmail.com Anthony Fredericks Great Plains
Seraphim St. Louis MO Sean Holland 4028802032 spholland93012@gmail.com Anthony Fredericks Great Plains
Serpents Kansas City Ks Adam Fletcher 816-786-4348 fletchtat2@gmail.com Anthony Fredericks Great Plains
Springfield stags Mo Skylar bissonnette 4177337780 Skylarbrown76@gmail.com Anthony Fredericks Great Plains
The Madness Des Moines IA Aaron Miller 5154901521 knightski99@gmail.com Anthony Fredericks Great Plains
Chimera Cincinnati Ohio Zac Rutherford 5139403594 thezacharycrutherford@gmail.com Patrick Allbright Midwest
Cleveland Fury Cleveland OH Luke Brown 2167762551 brownluk@cbhs.edu Patrick Allbright Midwest
Death Stalkers Madison WI Stephen Ward NONE polearm1@gmail.com Patrick Allbright Midwest
Devil Knights Detroit Michigan John MacIntyre 626-235-9966 jwmacintyre@yahoo.com Patrick Allbright Midwest
Marauders Milwaukee WI Alex Birk (262) 361-2539 alex.birk725@gmail.com Patrick Allbright Midwest
Paragons Indianapolis IN Dakota Miller 8127996921 thebrojodojo@gmail.com Patrick Allbright Midwest
Old Guard ter Apel Groningen, the Netherlands Harry den Ouden 31634980001 harry@cabdo.nl Netherlands
Rotterdam Raiders Netherlands Jeroen Sintemaartensdijk none J.sint18@outlook.com Netherlands
Iron Guard Connecticut CT David Schill 8602506663 dschill429@gmail.com Geoffrey Allen northeast
Mastiff Montreal Quebec Dominic patry-sauvé 4388273457 maladorian@gmail.com Geoffrey Allen Northeast
Plattsburgh Corsairs Plattsburgh, NY NY Steven murphy 5183355210 gbaron55@yahoo.com Geoffrey Allen Northeast
Rogue Knights ROCHESTER NY Jon Stormm 5852985761 jstormm83@yahoo.com Geoffrey Allen Northeast
Wakinyan Qc ( Thunder Bird ) Québec ( Québec ) Québec ( Canada ) Philippe Mongrain 418-878-1877 wakinyanqc@hotmail.com Geoffrey Allen Northeast
Azure Stone Soda Springs ID Ryan Weaver 208-221-6286 anvildragon62@yahoo.com Jacob Omer Northwest
Crusaders Salt Lake City UT Phillip Millerd 385.424.9814 slccrusaders@gmail.com Jacob Omer Northwest
Iron Mountain Warriors Boise ID Justice Cade 1-208-409-4583 ironmountainwarriors.aclw@gmail.com Jacob Omer Northwest
Paladins Hanksville UT Arden Emil 573 452 3019 ardenemil@gmail.com Jacob Omer Northwest
Emerald City Knights Seattle WA Brenden Norseen (425)659-8440 b_norseen@hotmail.com Erik Saari Pacific
Nighthawks Tacoma WA Melissa Harris (206)949-0608 melissa@auburnlegacy.com Erik Saari Pacific
Northlanders Snohomish WA Sean Dickinson (360)395-5078 seanandpaulina@icloud.com Erik Saari Pacific
Placer County Golden Griffins Placer County CA Marcus Trimboli 503-554-0928 placercountygriffinsacl@gmail.com Erik Saari Pacific
Ravenguard Salem OR Eric Breeden 503-498-0324 madviking5887@gmail.com Erik Saari Pacific
Sacramento Siege Sacramento CA Santos Abraham Sanchez 530-902-2823 sacramentosiegewarpigs@gmail.com Erik Saari Pacific
Soldados Santa Barbara CA Mark Sanders 805 636-2794 wulfwodensson@yahoo.com Erik Saari Pacific
The Golden Knights Los Angeles CA Jason Puerta 818-261-2902 Jason@lagoldenknights.com Erik Saari Pacific
Vanguard Portland OR Rory Hutchinson 503-753-2178 hutchinson32@gmail.com Erik Saari Pacific
War Rams Reno NV Travis Rehder 775-997-8936 trehder.tr@gmail.com Erik Saari Pacific
(San Louis Obispo - TBD) Erik Saari Pacific
Black Knights Orlando Florida Southeast
Cape Fear Swamp Raptors Wilmington NC Mike Stonestreet 910-398-3423 mikestonestreet.ms@gmail.com Tyler Harrelson Southeast
Carolina Thunder Cats Durham NC Bob Thomas 9108800931 cmajeff@gmail.com Tyler Harrelson Southeast
Crimson Knights Eustis FL Brian Eustis 3527025689 none Tyler Harrelson Southeast
Florida Storm Ft. Lauderdale Florida Tyler G. Harrelson 239-560-1998 Lessthan_one_percent@yahoo.com Tyler Harrelson Southeast
Grey Knights Winter haven Florida Richard Ganey 863-289-2412 richganey@gmail.com Tyler Harrelson Southeast
Harvesters Atlanta GA Brad Black 4702613651 fargrim98@gmail.com Tyler Harrelson Southeast
Louisville Vanguard Louisville Kentucky Sherman Hand 5024607070 policysup@gmail.com Tyler Harrelson Southeast
Phalanx Nashville TN Marbry Hardin 615-962-5086 marbryh@gmail.com Tyler Harrelson Southeast
Blood Eagles Phoenix AZ Daniel Safsten unlisted info.bloodeagles@gmail.com Bill Woodbury Southwest
Death Dealers Las Vegas NV none none none Bill Woodbury Southwest
Hellhounds Tucson AZ Matthew Richardson 520 345 7787 updating Bill Woodbury Southwest
Iron Wolves Jalisco Alan Bijman 1.52331E+12 alanbijman@gmail.com Bill Woodbury Southwest
Jackals Albuquerque NM Aaron Netzer 5053047755 abqjackals.acl@gmail.com Bill Woodbury Southwest
Dallas Legion TX Julee (Julie) Peterson 817-368-0774 jsp00777@gmail.com Randy Wrinkle Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana (TOAL)
Ironclad San Angelo TX Anton Zemlock III 325-374-3184 Ethusz@gmail.com Randy Wrinkle TOAL
Outlaws Houston TX James Fortner 8324257051 Acloutlaws@gmail.com Randy Wrinkle TOAL
Saints Oklahoma City OK Zach Sumrall 918-706-8151 okcarchangels@gmail.com Randy Wrinkle TOAL
Templars Temple TX Corey J M Oldham 2544493931 cjoldham20@yahoo.com Randy Wrinkle TOAL
Tyrants Tulsa OK Branden Davis 9188108414 emailbranden@gmail.com Randy Wrinkle TOAL

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